Review of Merrilee Cleveland, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Traditions Leisa Meyer

I have worked with four realtors in my life - and among those no one was more professional, dedicated, honest, and generous with their time than Merrilee Cleveland.  She is a superb realtor! Here are a few, among many others, examples of why...
On the "official" realtor side of things - among many other approaches, from the beginning Merrilee  provided me with the materials I needed or might need to think with her about my listing price, property description, and possibilities; for one example, from our first conversation she had he figures on comparables and the best ways the value of my finished walk-out basement could be included in the value of my home. The fact that the square footage of a basement - finished or not - is not always counted in the appraiser's evaluation of a home's value doesn't make sense to me but she explained why and then designed ways that the basement's worth, if not the square footage, could be incorporated into that value (an approach that proved very effective when the appraisal came in right where we needed it to be:)  She is an exceptional professional realtor. And she does so much beyond what that job description entails...
When I was anxious about the listing price she was my counselor - talking me through the numbers, speaking about the particular moment in the market, and spending literally hours in conversations with me about possibilities and on more than one occasion talking me down from my tendency to bounce from one  negative "what if" scenario to another.
Instead, with a calm patience, she would simply say "This is your home, you are selling, so anything you want or don't want to do is your call."  She respected me and my opinions and gave me the information I needed to make more informed decisions. By the end of the process her quiet confidence had inspired in me a deep belief not just in her remarkable capabilities as a realtor but also in my own judgment.
On the intangible side - and perhaps most telling - how many of you have had realtors spend hours in the homes you are selling with a magic eraser to eliminate scuffs from the walls (I couldn't afford to repaint everything before putting the house on the market). Or a realtor who was always present - I mean every single day - prior to your home going on the MLS - replacing lightbulbs, eliminating the hard water rings from toilets, keeping floors vacuumed and swept? And I will always remember standing next to her on my large deck, and its scarred surface and worn stain, and then the two of us together refinishing and painting it. Merrilee Cleveland rolls up her sleeves and does anything necessary for your home to sell...and at the best price.
Oh I forgot, she is also a brilliant stager! I almost didn't recognize my home when the pictures went up...
So, back to my questions for you - how many of you have had a realtor who paid out of her own pocket for the items to use in staging in order to place your home in the best possible light?
In the end, Merrilee Cleveland is not just a broadly knowledgeable and expert realtor - she is someone who inspires confidence in the owners she works with and in the other realtors who bring clients to see our properties. And that confidence comes in large part from her exceptional generosity with her time - no task was too small or unworthy of her attention and care.
I would wager that among the realtors you have known or engaged very few share this "above and beyond" ethic and approach.  I won't just recommend her, I would also say that if you are considering selling your home and want the best experience and results possible CALL HER NOW!!
Merrilee Cleveland - she is, quite simply, THE BEST!!

Elizabeth Votava Sayer

Merrilee goes above and beyond. As a first time buyer, she helped every step of the way and afterward as well. Because of her, my experience in buying a house was, actually, delightful. You cannot go wrong in retaining her as your agent.

Ivy G.

“Merrilee helped us purchase our first home, and I am so happy we decided to work with her. She was there for us every step of the way, making sure we found the perfect home for us. Merrilee goes above and beyond in everything she does, and I couldn't imagine having done this without her. I would absolutely recommend her as an excellent realtor and a wonderful person!”

Leisa M

“Merrilee Cleveland is an extraordinary agent and human being! She was my agent as a buyer for a property that involved a "for sale by owner" seller who was, to at the very least recalcitrant and at the most openly resistant to doing some of the repairs necessary to make the property habitable. Merrilee was both friendly and persistent and managed to get us through everything with the least amount of difficulty and frustration. She is sincere, genuinely cares about her clients, AND was willing to actually help with physical labor in helping us move in and removing some of the objects that needed eliminated from the property but the owner was unwilling to take care of (including 5 very large mirrors!!). Bottom line she is the best agent I have ever encountered and I have sold and bought a number of properties over the years!” Lisa M..

Joseph T.

“Merrilee was a big help in helping us sell our house and also helping us plan to move back to our home town , I couldn't do it without the help and support she has given us, Thank You Merrilee !!! ”